Chicago's Twelve

Chicagoʼs Twelve is an exhibition that celebrated World Earth Day 2012. Curator Sergio Gomez selected twelve Chicago artists currently turning their attention to Mobilizing the Earth, the focus of this yearʼs World Earth Day. Through interaction with environmental issues, the re-purposing of found objects, and utilization of non-traditional material, these artists call into question not only our present relationship with our world, but also the possibility of its sustainable future.

Chicago's Twelve explores ecological footprint as a key principle of sustainability. It is estimated that in 2007 humanity's total ecological footprint was 1.5 planet Earths. This means that humanity uses ecological services 1.5 times as fast as Earth can renew them. By reconsidering the materials and processes of art making, the artists in this exhibition propose new and innovative ways of reducing our human footprint by reusing and salvaging discarded materials. In a variety of ways, from dead trees to metal waste, these compelling works challenge the production of art and embrace an international movement towards reducing the impact of human footprint. Not only these works evoke a sense of renewal but they also explore the aesthetic qualities of decay, erosion and environmental transformation.

Chicago's Twelve aims to celebrate World Earth Day, inspire our community into action and stimulate dialog by addressing sustainable alternatives and their positive impact to the environment we inhabit. Artists in the exhibition include Jason Brammer, Mary Ellen Croteau, Victoria Fuller, Sharon Gilmore, Kim Guare, Salvador Jimenez Flores, Dana Major Kanovitz, N. Masani Muhammad, Yva Neal, Connie Noyes, Alfonso Piloto-Nieves, and Vivian Visser


Jason Brammer
Mary Ellen Croteau
Victoria Fuller
Sharon Gilmore
Kim Guare
Salvador Jimenez Flores
Dana Major Kanovitz
N. Masani Muhammad
Yva Neal
Connie Noyes
Alfonso Piloto-Nieves
Vivian Visser