N. Masani Muhammad

Art, sustainability, and plant-based diet are the basis of all that will positively project societal change.

Born and raised in the South Chicago community, I grew up witnessing the decline of the steel mill and a parade of barges traveling to the mouth of the Little Calumet River. Witnessing rusting warehouses, machines, and other manmade structures surrounded by wild flora uprooting and reclaiming earth, I understood the havoc these industries had on the environment and grew to respect nature. Art, Sustainability and Plant Based diet are the basis that will positively project societal change.

My journey to art was a lone exploration from an early age. I settled into found object mix-media, collage, and photography. This work combines recycling, science, and spiritual devotion to nature that tells and or teaches through subconscious stories and truths.

I received first place honors at the Museum of Science and Industry Black Creativity Juried Exhibition in 2004, and have shown in several group and solo shows in the Midwest. My work is included in several private collections throughout the world.