Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller works with cast, found, and appropriated objects; Her forms using common everyday objects often resemble forms found in nature and is about the intersect of nature and culture.

She received a fellowship award from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities and the Illinois Arts Council, and was commissioned by ESPN Zone, and Disney Regional Entertainment, to create a large wall sculpture, and by Arts in Transit in Missouri to create a public sculpture. She also created a large-scale sculpture, Shoe of Shoes, at Brown Shoe headquarters in St. Louis, and completed a large-scale commission Global Garden Shovel for Sound Transit in Seattle. She was also commissioned in 2011 to create a work of art for Comed, using a recycled refrigerator.

Reviews and articles about her work have appeared in the New York Daily News, Manhattan Arts, Cover Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, New York Post, TWA’s Ambassador Magazine, and on NBC, CBS, ABC stations in Chicago, and Fox news in St. Louis.