Yva Neal

Yva Neal is a Chicago artist who transforms spaces whether it’s on clothing, canvases, vertical gardens, or events.
Using a combination of living and preserved plants with new, vintage and upcycled materials, she creates unusual and memorable works that are classic and timeless. Recognizing that each project has a potential to reveal its true divine nature, Yva’s intuition leads her to create unique pieces of art.

Yva recently journeyed to the jungles of Peru to work with the Shipibo tribe and their visionary plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Drinking this special brew provides interconnectedness and communication with universal and spiritual energies that exist on planes just outside of our physical realm. One of the visions that this plant medicine presented to her is recreated in the installation Sach’amama: Shed What Does Not Serve You.
“To the winds of the South: Great serpent, wrap your coils of light around us, and guide us on our healing journey. Teach us to shed our past, our old beliefs, and all of our old ways of thinking which no longer serve us. Sach’amama, Teach us to shed these all at once as an act of love, and an act of power as you shed your skin.”